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Adam Lebor District VIII 14.07.2018 20172 A detective on Budapest's murder squad is on the trail of a dead man. Too much history, not engaging enough.
Agatha Raisin Quiche of death 20.03.2016 1992 Self proclaimed amateur detective from London want's to settle down in a village. I prefer professionals, so I will not continue with this author.
Alan Parks Bloody January 30.05.2019 2017 Harry McCoy needs the help of his criminal underworld connections to find out the truth. Too violent and dark, too much beatings.
Alex Berenson The Faithul Spy 12.11.2009 2006 First part boring
Alex North The Whisper Man 26.03.2020 2019 When Thom and his son Jake move to Featherbank, they are looking for a fresh start. But 15 years earlier a serial killer haunted those streets. Then Jake says he hears a whispering at his window. Long introduction until tension starts.
Alison Baillie Sewing The Shadows Together 25.12.2019 2015 More than 30 years after the violent death of Shona, her brother Tom uncovers dark secrets and is caught up in a web of death, love and deception. A plot told too many times.
Alistair MacLean H.M.S Ulysses 1955
Alistair MacLean The Golden Gate 1976
Alistair MacLean Athabasca 1980
Alistair MacLean Ice Station Zebra 1963
Alistair MacLean Caravan To Vaccarès 1970
Alistair MacLean The Golden Rendezvous 1962
Alistair MacLean Force 10 From Navarone 1957
Andrew Grant Die Twice 26.11.2011 2011 Quite thrilling
Andy Mc Dermont Empire Of Gold 27.08.2011 2011 Boring, not finished
Andy Mc Dermont The Midas Legacy 06.08.2017 Very thrilling, but close to ridiculous actions. Nina Wild and Eddie Chase search the hidden secret of King Midas.
Andy McNab Cold Blood 15.01.2018 2016 On a trek to the North Pole, Nick Stone and 5 ex-servicemen aren't chased by for legs but two. Not my preference.

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Barry Elsener Killing Rain 08.07.2006 2005 Very thrilling
Blake Crouch Dark Matter 02.02.2018 2016 Jason Dessen, a college physics professor finds himself surrounded by similar Jason's after an abduction. Mysterious thriller with a brilliant concept.
Brad Meltzer The Book Of Fate 30.06.2007 2006 Very thrilling
Brad Meltzer The Escape Artist 10.04.2019 2018 Zig, a mortician, uncovers the truth of a plane crash where supposedly among others Nola Brown died. An amazing plot.

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Carlos Rutz Zafon The SHADOW of the WIND 05.05.2004 2001 Boring
Clive Cussler Cyclops 1986
Clive Cussler Flood Tide 1997
Clive Cussler Inca Gold 1994
Clive Cussler Sahara 1992
Clive Cussler The Mediterranean Caper 1973
Clive Cussler Atlantis found 21.04.2001 1999
Clive Cussler Serpent 21.04.2001 1999
Clive Cussler Blue Gold 21.04.2001 2000
Clive Cussler Valhalla Rising 22.07.2001 2001
Clive Cussler Fire Ice 20.08.2002 2002
Clive Cussler Trojan Odyssey 24.12.2003 2003
Clive Cussler The Tresure Of Khan 01.12.2007 2006
Clive Cussler The Jungle 01.12.2012 2011 Very thrilling, with Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon
Clive Cussler Poseidon's Arrow 25.03.2014 2013 Very thrilling. Scientist repsonsible for design of revolutionary submarine is missing, which leads Pitt to Panama.
Clive Cussler The Striker 04.05.2014 2014 Very thrilling. 1902, Isacc Bell investigates sabotage in coal mines.
Clive Cussler Zero Hour 12.12.2014 2013 Amazing are the capabilities, that Kurt Austin from the NUMA team on this science fiction based thriller, required to survive
Clive Cussler The Mayan Secret 08.03.2015 2013 The treasure hunting team Sam and Remi have astonishing many means at hand to save the powerful Mayan Codex – hard to beat
Clive Cussler The Eye Of Heaven 07.03.2016 2014 The treasure hunting team Sam and Remi have once more beaten Janus Benedict, a treasure dealer.
Clive Cussler Piranha 01.05.2016 2016 Juan Cabrillo and his scientific equipped Oregon beats most brilliant but dangerous do-gooder.
Clive Cussler Ghost Ship 10.06.2016 2015 The steamship Waratah hits a storm and vanished without trace - never to be found. Kurt Austin digs into this mystery.
Clive Cussler Mirage 20.06.2016 2014 In world war II a secret US military experiment caused a warship to vanish at sea. Juan Cabrillos mission goes badly awry.
Clive Cussler The Pharaoh's Secret 20.09.2016 2015 Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are desperate fighting for friends exposed to Black Mist, a deathlike sleep.
Clive Cussler The Solomon Curse 20.10.2016 2015 Legend - even recent history - tells of a terrible fate, visitors do not return alive. Remi and Sam come close to be the next victim.
Clive Cussler Pirate 20.10.2017 2016 Sam and Remi stumbled on the theft of a rare book on a treasure hunt, followed by a man which is determined to solve it first at any cost.
Clive Cussler Odessa Sea 25.08.2018 2017 Kurt from NUMA must find the most advanced aircraft with a deadly payload, but Russia and China is also involved. Good pace.
Clive Cussler Nighthawk 17.02.2018 2017 Pitt and Giordino are on a mission to locate a shipwreck on which nuclear smugglers are also interested in.
Clive Cussler Sahara 06.12.2018 1993 Deep in the African desert leaks a lethal chemical into a river. To warn the world, Pitt must escape a dictator and industrialist.
Clive Cussler The Romanov Ransom 20.01.2019 2017 Sam and Remi in search for the legendary Russian treasure stolen by the Nazis.
Clive Cussler Typhoon Fury 20.05.2019 2017 Juan Cabrillo has a hard enemy with Salvador Locsin, powered with an extraordinary serum. But with amazing modern means and capabilities of his team his mission succeeds.
Clive Cussler The Rising Sea 20.07.2019 2018 Everywhere water is rising - and that's just the beginning of the world's peril unless the NUMA crew can beat the clock. Entertaining and diverting.
Clive Cussler Shadow Tyrants 24.10.2019 2018 The Colossus Project sees 2000 years of esoteric knowledge distilled into a device so powerful no force on earth can stop it.
Clive Cussler Sea Of Greed 07.01.2020 2018 Oilfields around the world are dying because of sabotage, to end the Oil Age. Who's behind it? Fast pacing plot.
Colin Forbes The Sisterhood 22.10.2001 1997
christopher REICH The Devil's Banker 15.01.2004 2003 Thrilling. He was born in Tokyo on November 12, 1961. He moved to the United States in 1965. He attended Georgetown University and the University of Texas and worked in Switzerland before returning to the United States to become an author. He lives in San Diego and is the author of eight novels.
christopher REICH The first Billion 12.12.2003 2002 Thrilling
christopher REICH the Patriots' CLUB 17.02.2007 2004
christopher REICH Rules of Vengeance 24.09.2010 2009 Very thrilling
christopher REICH numbered Account 23.08.2008 1998 Very thrilling
christopher REICH Rules of Betrayal 30.04.2011 2010 Very thrilling
Chris Pavone The Paris Diversion 24.11.2019 2018 Kate, a former CIA operative is confronted with a disturbing scheme of revenge. I expected more.
Chris Ryan Warlord 06.05.2018 2017 Danny Black leads a SAS squad to assassinate the leader of a drug gang. It's based on real events. Thrilling but vicious.

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Dan Brown Deception Point 10.04.2004 2001 Thrilling
Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code 10.10.2003 2003 Very thrilling
Dan Brown Inferno 20.09.2014 2013 Very thrilling, packed with tricks. Symbologist Robert Langdon must decipher a sequence of codes to save the world.
Dan Brown The Bourne Enigma 22.01.2017 2016 Spymaster General Boris Karpov has an important message to deliver to Bourne. Because he was killed, Bourne has only 4 days to decipher the message.
D. B. John Star Of The North 04.05.2019 2018 A young American woman disappears without trace from a South Korean island. The CIA recruits her twin sister to uncover the truth. Amazing, but the Korean part is quite disturbing.
Daniel Silva The Mark of the Assassin 04.10.1999 1998
Daniel Silva The English Assassin 01.02.2019 2003 Ex-Israeli spy arrives in Zurich to restore a painting for a millionaire banker - only to find the client dead and himself framed for the murder. A spine tingling plot.
Daniel Silva House Of Spies 15.06.2019 2017 Gabriel Allon and Jean-Luc-Martel, a druglord, are an unlikely pair of heroes who fight terrorism. Like Jason Bourne and James Bond.
Daniel Silva The Other Women 21.12.2019 2018 A mysterious Frenchwomen keeps the most closely guarded secret of the Kremlin, which inserted a mole into the West. Only Gabriel Allon can unravel the conspiracy. One of the best spy novel..
David Baldacci Last Man Standing 14.04.2002 2001 all books adviceable
David Baldacci Total Control 07.08.2003 1996 Very thrilling
David Baldacci The Winner 08.08.2004 1997 Very thrilling
David Baldacci hour game 10.10.2004 2004 Thrilling
David Baldacci saving faith 20.02.2005 1999 Very thrilling
David Baldacci the simple truth 20.02.2005 1998 Very thrilling
David Baldacci wish you well 20.02.2005 2000 No thriller, exiting
David Baldacci split second 20.02.2005 2003 Very thrilling
David Baldacci the camel club 06.06.2006 2005 Medium, long drawn
David Baldacci the collectors 06.10.2007 2006 Very thrilling
David Baldacci simple genius 22.12.2007 2007 Very thrilling
David Baldacci The Whole Truth 31.07.2010 1998 Very thrilling
David Baldacci Deliver Us From Evil 20.10.2010 2010 Very thrilling, vicious
David Baldacci Hell's Corner 30.07.2011 2010 Very thrilling, read twice by chance because of similar cover
David Baldacci Zero Day 04.08.2012 2011 Very thrilling, with military investigator John Puller
David Baldacci The Innocent 21.03.2013 2012 Peerless, assassin Will Robie sees his latest assignment…
David Baldacci The Hit 23.12.2013 2013 Once more expertedly plotted, again one of the best book I read
David Baldacci King and Maxwell 20.04.2014 2013 After Tyler Wingo's Father has been killed in Afghanistan, he receives a message. Another thrilling 600 page-turner.
David Baldacci The Target 12.12.2014 2014 Robie and Reel are chosen for such an assignment, that if they fail, the President risks impeachment and the threats will multiply. Another terrific story taking place in Korea and USA.
David Baldacci The Escape 25.05.2015 2014 Brother of investigator John Puller does time in the most secure prison, then escapes
David Baldacci Memory Man 07.12.2015 2015 This page turner consumed all spare time, most thrilling
David Baldacci The Guilty 02.04.2016 2016 Will Robie has unfinished business in his hometown, where his father is arrested for murder and which his toughest assignment waits, his family
David Baldacci The Fix 02.10.2017 2017 Amos Decker, with his extraordinary power of observation, solves an attack which involves national security. Another page turner.
David Baldacci Long Road To Mercy 15.07.2019 2019 FBI Special Agent Atlee Pine is tasked to investigate a missing person in the Grand Canyon. The final reveal is both exiting and shocking.
David Baldacci Redemption 13.12.2019 2019 Amos Decker put Hawkins into prison 15 years ago. Now he finds him to be innocent, the real killer is still out there. While solving, the case gets bigger and bigger.
David Baldacci One Good Deed 11.03.2020 2019 Aloysius Archer, fresh from prison and on parole, soon becomes a suspect of three murders. Everybody involved has deeply buried secrets which Archer has to solve. Astonishing.
David Hewson The Sacred Cut 02.05.2005 2005 Boring

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E.O. Chirovici The Book Of Mirrors 25.11.2017 2017 After 30 years of Professor Wieder's murder, a manuscript makes 3 people a suspect. Although highly recommended, I’m not convinced.
Elizabeth George A Traitor To memory 07.07.2002 2001
Eric Van Lustbader The Bourne Sanction 07.02.2009 2008
Eric Van Lustbader Any Minute Now 10.05.2017 2016 Red Rover, the blackest of black ops teams is for my taste a little too much on the dark side
Eric Van Lustbader The Fallen 26.07.2018 2017 Braverman Shaw unearths the chronicle of Good and Evil. Too esoteric, but rich in detail.

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Follet Ken Whiteout 30.05.2005 2004
Follet Ken Code To Zero 15.05.2018 2001 Luke finds himself on the ground in a railway station. He gradually unravels the mystery of his amnesia and uncovers long-kept secrets. Stunning.
Frederick Forsyth The Fist Of Good 1994
Frederick Forsyth The Fourth Protocol 1984
Frederick Forsyth The Veteran 01.01.2002 2001
Frederick Forsyth Icon 22.12.2006 1996 Moscow, well researched, rather thrilling
Frederick Forsyth The Kill List 15.10.2014 2013 Very thrilling. The Tracker has got to discover the Preachers identity, locate him and take him out.
Frederick Forsyth The Fox 02.10.2019 2018 How valuable is an 18-year boy with skills to hack any firewall? What will the superpowers do to get hold of him? Ingenious, as I remember him.

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George Orwell Animal Farm 07.06.1985 1945 Very depressive
Glenn Meade Web of Deceit 01.07.2004 2004 Thrilling but vicious
Graham Green Doctor Fischer Of Geneva Or The Bomb Party 07.06.1985 1980
Guillermo Martinez The Oxford Murders 16.04.2017 2005 Interesting crime frame but too much rambling about mathematics instead crime solving

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Harlan Coben Don't Let Go 06.08.2018 2017 Nap Dumas discovers that secrets from 15 years ago still can kill. Lets see if it get better.
Harlan Coben Run Away 15.11.2019 2019 After Page runs from a very troubled situation as well as family matters, her father follows her into a dark and dangerous world. Quite stunning.
Helen Fielding Olivia Joules and the overactive picador 06.06.2005 2003 Suspensfully
Hjorth & Rosenfeldt The Man Who Wasn't There 01.05.2017 2016 Complicated, twisted but too many people hardly connected to the complot. Gripping near closing.

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Ian Caldwell The Rule Of Four 01.08.2004 2004 Boring
Ian Rankin The Naming of the dead 25.03.2007 2006 Boring
Ian Rankin The Impossibel Dead 20.07.2012 2011 Boring until to last pages. This should be the last-ditch attempt.

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Jack Higgins Eye Of The Storm 1992
Jack Higgins Thunder Point 1993
Jack Henderson Maximum Impact 26.07.2008 2007 Very exiting
James Patterson London Brides 30.05.2006 2008 Medium, long drawn
James Patterson Worst Case 20.11.2010 2010 Very exiting
James Patterson Swimsuit 15.01.2011 2009 Very exiting but too harsh
James Patterson 9th Judgement 16.07.2011 2010 Very thrilling
James Patterson Kill Alex Cross 09.06.2012 2010 Very thrilling. The President's son and daughter are abducted, detective Alex Cross in charge.
James Patterson Private Games 01.10.2012 2012 Very thrilling. The London Olympic Games are under attack.
James Patterson Private London 02.11.2013 2012 Very thrilling
James Patterson Kill Me If You Can 28.02.2013 2011 Lead character turns out to be the culprit, but ...
James Patterson I, Michael Bennet 01.03.2013 2012 Very thrilling, chase of Mexican crime lord
James Patterson Cross Country 21.05.2013 2009 High octane stuff, unrelentingly exciting, a hunt through Africa.
James Patterson No.1 Suspect 01.07.2013 2013 I made breaks between pages. I bought more books at Brig.
James Patterson 11th Hour 02.08.2013 2013 See if next book will be thrilling again
James Patterson Now You See Her 26.08.2013 2011 Very thrilling. Bloom vanished. Now, to rescue an innocent man, she confronts the killer she thought she had escaped forever.
James Patterson NYPD RED 22.09.2013 2012 While Holywood's biggest stars are targeted, my knocking-off time is seriously shortened
James Patterson Guilty Wives 20.10.2013 2012 I thought I have read the best book of the author, until I stumbled over this
James Patterson Sweet Hearts 15.05.2013 2013 Because of denied marriage, she is haunted by killers' revenge
James Patterson Second Honeymoon 25.12.2013 1990 Too psychic, not my style, I jumped several pages
James Patterson Cross My Heart 20.08.2014 2013 Alex Cross's world is crashing down as everything he loves is being taken from him. The story continues in Hope To Die.
James Patterson Private Down Under 01.01.2015 2012 Craig Gisto helps to solve kidnapping and murder at Sydney. Too many cases packed in one book.
James Patterson Private India 28.03.2015 2014 In spite of "The mixture of Indian culture and the drinking problem of Santosh makes the investigation bizarre" it's a fast read
James Patterson Burn 20.04.2015 2014 Thrilling enough but not my kind of supension
James Patterson Invisible 20.06.2015 2015 When her sister was killed by a fire she doesn't believe it was an accident. So Emmy investigates and links a serial killer to the fire to cover murder. Very thrilling.
James Patterson Unlucky 13 20.07.2015 2014 Lindsay Boxer chases her ex-colleague Mackie Morales who is wanted for three murders
James Patterson 14Th Deadly Sin 20.08.2015 2015 Lindsay Boxer receives a chilling warning from a murder, who turnes out to wear the same uniform
James Patterson The Murder House 14.08.2016 2016 Detective Jenna Murphy is hoping to escape her troubled past but comes involved in a case which reveals more secrets than she could possibly imagine
James Patterson Alert 05.09.2015 2016 Detective Michael Bennet races against the clock to save NY of a most destructive force.
James Patterson 15th Affair 20.11.2016 2016 Four bodies are found in a luxury hotel. Soon after Detective Lindsay is sent to investigate, her husband goes missing
James Patterson Women Of God 10.03.2017 2016 A complete different thriller, a lot about religion. Not only quite unexpected but still a page turner.
James Patterson The Store 17.02.2018 2016 How unsettling the future can get is superbly written by this magnificent thriller.
James Patterson The Black Book 08.04.2018 2017 Brilliantly conspired, I was never close to name the perpetrator.
James Patterson, Bill Clinton The President Is Missing 08.09.2019 2018 Mount hope was evacuated after a power plant explosion. After they returned, something was horribly wrong. Quiet freaking what the future may bring concerning artificial intelligence.
James Patterson The Warning 09.11.2019 2019 Terrorists are planning a cyber-attack with inside help of the White House. The President goes undercover to save his people. A superb plot.
James Patterson The First Lady 24.12.2019 2018 The President is caught up in a scandal. To win the vote, the First Lady needs to stand by his side, but she goes missing. Quite a few times I found myself caught on the wrong foot.
James Patterson Mary, Mary 28.01.2020 2005 Somebody is murdering Hollywood's A-list, followed by emails describing it in vivid details. As the case grows, Alex Cross is called in to find a pattern to stop it. Precise manipulation.
James Patterson Juror Nr. 3 02.03.2020 2018 Ruby Bozarth faces the impossible task defending a football star accused of murder. Then she discovers the jury can't be trusted. The mystery I well wrapped.
James Swallow Shadow 25.02.2020 2019 A ruthless terrorist breaks out. A scientist is abducted. A lethal contagion threatens the Middle East. Ex-MI6 Officer Marc Dane is always a step behind. Fast moving.
Jane Harper Force Of Nature 15.12.2018 2017 Five women leave the comfort zone by a hike in the rugged landscape. But only four turn back. Not quite my favourite read.
Jeff Abbott PANIC 30.09.2006 ? Very exiting
Jeff Abbott Trust Me 13.12.2010 ? Very exiting
Jeff Abbott The Last Minute 03.02.2007 ? Very exiting
Jeff Abbott The First Order 15.06.2017 2016 Determined to stop his brother from committing a crime that may start a terrible war, no less than to assassinate the Russian President, Sam Capra goes undercover. Very thrilling.Very exiting
Jeffrey Archer False Impression 03.02.2007 2005 Very exiting, tycoon collects paintings illegal
Jeffrey Archer Cometh The Hour 22.09.2017 2016 No bullets are shot, but intrigues can be no less deadly. It baffles me how far Lady Virginia goes for greed. For a change quite thrilling.
Jeffery Deaver The Vanished Man 05.10.2003 2003 Very exiting
Jeffery Deaver The Stone Monkey 07.07.2002 2002
Jeffery Deaver The Burning Wire 26.03.2011 2010 Very gripping
Jeffery Deaver Sealed with a kiss. Marked with death. 06.05.2013 2012 Kathryn Dance with body language skills. Well enough.
Jeffery Deaver The Steel Kiss 11.11.2017 2017 Detective Amelia Sachs is being watched from a murderer who kills by remote control. Although 700 pages thick, suspense keeps a relentless grip on the book.
Jeffery Deaver The Cutting Edge 05.07.2019 2018 Lincoln Rhyme hunts the murder of newly married couples because of the engagement ring it seems. Very good plot.
Jo Nesbo The Thirst 02.01.2018 2017 When Harry Hole deals with a particular vicious killer, he gets suspicious its connected to his one failed case. Very thrilling in spite of over 600 pages.
Jo Spain The Confession 22.09.2018 2018 The disgraced banker McNamara is brutally attacked in his villa. When the intruder turns himself in, the police suspects a calculated deadly game. Well enough.
John Conolly The Wisperers 30.04.2011 2010 Waited for the thrill until finish
John Grisham The Partner 1997 Close to reality makes it vicious
John Grisham The Rainmaker 1995 Close to reality makes it vicious
John Grisham The Camber 1994 Close to reality makes it vicious
John Grisham The Runaway Jury 1996 Close to reality makes it vicious
John Grisham A Time To Kill 1989 First edition. Close to reality makes it vicious
John Grisham The Pelican Brief 1992 Stopped reading because too close to reality
John Twelve Hawks The Traveller 20.05.2006 2005 Medium, rather science fiction, good concept
Jonathan Kellerman mystery 23.09.2011 2011 Boring
Joseph Finder Buried Secrets 19.01.2013 2011 Very exiting, teenage daughter of hedge fund titan gets kidnapped.
Joseph Finder The Switch 24.05.2018 2017 Michael Tanner picks up the wrong laptop at the airport. From now on he is a wanted man by the government. Taut pacing.
JRR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings 01.01.2002 1954 Originally published in three volumes 1954–1955. Paperback of 1000 pages, reading marathon over christmas holiday, too much
J.S. Monroe Find Me 27.12.2017 2017 Five years after Rosa‘s allegedly suicide Jar gets an email from her. Deeply sinister and intricate, too protracted until last pages.
J. D. Robb Apprentice In Death 22.07.2017 2016 The daughter of a sniper instructor, 15 years, ends up as a serial killer. A page turner from start to end.
J. D. Robb Echoes In Death 28.04.2018 2017 Lieutenant Dallas encounters her toughest case yet when NY's wealthiest couples are the targets of a calculated killer.
J. D. Robb Concealed In Death 07.07.2018 2014 Not a page turner, long drawn and linear low tension until end.
J. D. Robb Leverage In Death 20.08.2019 2018 Pau Rogan sets off a bomb because he has no choice. Lieutenant Dallas is sure the violence won't end there. Tough as nails, exiting.

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Kathy Reichs Monday Morning 15.04.2005 2004 Only last pages thrilling
Kate Mosse Labyrinth 15.04.2006 2005 Boring, long drawn, 700 pages
Kristina Ohlsson unwanted 15.03.2013 2011 Boring, long drawn. Child is found dead, unwanted is scribbled on her forehead.

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Lee Child Persuader 08.09.2003 2003
Lee Child The Visitor 20.07.2001 2000
Lee Child Tripwire 18.06.2001 1999
Lee Child Killing Floor 28.06.2001 1997 Anthony Award winner, Barry Award winner, Dilys Award nominee, Macavity Award nominee
Lee Child Die Trying 28.07.2001 1998 WH Smith Thumping, Good Read Award winner
Lee Child Without Fail 2002 Ian Fleming Steel, Dagger Award nominee
Lee Child Echo Burning 01.01.2002 2001
Lee Child one shot 25.03.2005 2005 Very thrilling. Macavity Award nominee
Lee Child The Hard Way 02.09.2006 2006 Very thrilling
Lee Child Bad Luck and Trouble 27.04.2008 2007 Very thrilling. Shortlisted for Theakston's Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award
Lee Child Gone Tomorrow 13.07.2010 2009 Very thrilling
Lee Child 61 Hours 21.08.2010 2010 Second part rather boring. Theakston's Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award.
Lee Child Worth dying for 16.04.2011 2010 Very exiting
Lee Child The Affair 02.05.2012 2011 Didn't surpass Sandra Brown's Lethal
Lee Child Never Go Back 15.04.2014 2013 Very thrilling. Taken in by his old 110th Military Unit because accused of a sixteen-xear old homicide.
Lee Child Personal 30.04.2015 2014 The army wants him back to track down a killer with a treacherous vendetta. I like it how he deploys his expertise on the case.
Lee Child Make Me 18.04.2016 2015 Not outstanding, somewhat off my taste and Childs expertise
Lee Child Night School 28.06.2017 2017 Jack Reacher is assigned to find an American, who is planning to sell something to Saudis, with help of Frances Neagley. Very thrilling.
Lee Child The Midnight Line 30.07.2018 2017 Reacher finds a West Point class ring and stops at nothing to find the owner. Not his best novel.
Lee Child Past Tense 25.07.2019 2019 Two young Canadians trying to get to New York City are trapped in a lonely Motel for a game of live. Ingenious.
Lincoln Child The Third Gate 12.10.2019 2012 Strange things begin to happen in the swamp where Pharaoh King Narmer is buried. Jeremy Logan, history professor, is then brought onto the project to investigate. New kind of thrill.
Linwood Barclay Far From True 16.12.2016 2016 After the screen of a run-down drive-in movie theater collapses and kills four people in the troubled town of Promise Falls, private investigator Cal Weaver looks into it. Not gripping.
Liza Marklund Borderline 03.06.2015 2014 Doesn't focus on one target. This author is not satisfying.
Luca D'Andrea The Mountain 28.10.2018 2016 In the Dolomites 3 students were murdered. Salinger from New York, connected by his wife to Bletterbach, solves the mystery at the brink of insanity. Very disturbing.

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Mariani Scott The Moscow Cipher 15.02.2019 2018 What starts off as an apparently straightforward case of parental child abduction quickly takes on more sinister dimensions as Ben Hope travels to Moscow to investigate. Spellbinding thriller.
Mark Burnell The Rhythm Section 05.01.2019 2018 After Stephanie’s parents died by a flight crash, devastated she falls in a world of prostitution and drugs. When she learned is wasn’t an accident, with rage she joins a covert intelligence organization. Mostly depressing, in between gripping, in the aftermath quite a thriller.
Martina Cole FACELESS 20.07.2005 2001 Drugs, long drawn but nevertheless thrilling
Matt Hilton Slash and Burn 31.07.2010 2010 Very thrilling, like Lee Child
Matt Hilton Cut and Run 15.01.2011 2010 Very thrilling, adviceable to read more
Michael Ridpath ON THE EDGE 20.08.2005 2005 Very thrilling at bank milieu
Michael Connelly The Closers 11.08.2007 2005
Michael Connelly Darkness 15.05.2005 2001 Medium
Michael Connelly The Late Show 25.03.2018 2018 Detective Ballard is tough like a cat and is bound and determined to catch the killer. Worth to read more.
Michael Chrichton STATE of FEAR 02.12.2005 2004 Medium, a lot of pollution control
Mycock Kendall Culture Smart Switzerland 2004 Funny description of custom and etiquette

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Nelson Demille The Lion’s Game 21.04.2001 2000
Nelson Demille By the Rivers of Babylon 21.04.2001 1978
Nelson Demille Gate House 15.06.2010 2008 Boring
Nelson Demille Up Country 01.01.2002 2002
Nicci French Tuesday's gone 10.06.2013 2012 Long drawn, not my style
Nora Roberts The Search 10.12.2011 2010 Thrilling, lot's about love and dog training
Nora Roberts Carolina Moon 21.06.2013 2000 Tory with psychic skills, a lot inter-personal. Not a page turner.
Nora Roberts Shelter In Place 19.01.2020 2018 A year after Simone Knox survived a massacre, she meets Reed Quartermaine who helps her to leave with the terrible event. But it's not over because the killer is watching the survivors. First part was boring, second kept me reading but third penetrated skin.

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Olivia Kiernan Too Close To Breathe 04.03.2019 2018 DCS Frankie Sheehan, a trained profiler, is seeking a murderer with a talent for death. Frankie is too clumsy for me to continue with.

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Patricia Cornwell Port Mortuary 30.04.2011 2010 Boring
Patricia Cornwell Hornet's Nest 25.12.2018 1997 Andy Brazil, a rookie reporter, is allowed to ride with Deputy Chief Virginia West to fight crimes. This three dimensional police life is sometimes too elongated, but goes still with some tension.
Paul Sussman Lost army of Cambyses 20.01.2003 2002 Egybt, archaeology, thriller
Peter James Not Dead Enough 2007
Peter James Faith 13.01.2014 2000 Plastic surgeon controls his wife for every minute. Exiting in spite of few bullets.
Peter James Dead Man's Time 05.03.2014 2013 Less thrilling than James Paterson
Peter James A Twist Of The Knife 18.11.2015 2014 Many short stories with a sharp end
Peter Robinson All The Colours Of Darkness 20.10.2019 2009 A suicide investigation was closed when Banks discovers the victim wasn't as he appeared to be. Not to recommend.
Peter Swanson The Kind Worth Killing 26.12.2015 2015 Ted meets Lily on a delayed flight. He confesses his wife`s infidelity to Lily. Lily helps Ted to kill his wife. While first half part is rather boring, second part keeps me turning the pages to learn the outcome.
Preston & Child Beyond The Ice Limit 10.07.2016 2016 Sience Fiction, quite thrilling. A giant meteorite is discovered in the sea, a complex organism from space, and is growing.

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Robert Crais The Sentry 05.01.2012 2011 Very thrilling, adviceable to read more
Robert Crais Indigo Slam 12.05.2013 1998 Very thrilling, master counterfeiter is chased by Russians
Robert Crais The Wanted 20.04.2019 2017 When the mother of seventeen year old Tyson finds a $40'000 Rolex watch, she gets in touch with Elvis Cole for some digging.
Robert Goddard Panic Room 20.02.2019 2018 Blake acting as a house-sitter wants to solve the mystery of the panic room. It only starts at end of book to thrill.
Robert Harris An Officer And A Spyy 25.01.2014 2013 Because nothing familiar was available, I picked a new author. Although I don't like war stories, I was intrigued by this spy story based on truth, wrapped up with unbelievable deceit and corruption.
Robert Harris The Ghost 20.11.2018 2007 After a ghost-writer to write the memoirs of former British prime minister was found dead, the replacement was also propelled by deception and intrigue into a deadly assignment. Brilliantly persuasive.
Robert Ludlum The Ambler Warning 12.08.2006 2005 Very thrilling, adviceable to read more
Robert Ludlum The Sigma Protokoll 18.11.2006 2001 Thrilling, action in Zurich and some other places in Switzerland, 600 pages. The last novel written entirely by Ludlum.
Robert Ludlum The Bancroft Strategy 26.05.2007 2006 For CHF 19.90 too expensive, exiting
Robert Ludlum The Altman Code 02.02.2008 2003 Exiting like each copy, all adviceable
Robert Ludlum The Arctic Event 10.04.2008 2007 Exiting like each copy
Robert Ludlum The Lazarus Vendetta 02.05.2008 2004
Robert Ludlum The Hades Factor 02.05.2008 2000
Robert Ludlum The Prometheus Deception 24.05.2008 2000 Exiting like each copy
Robert Ludlum The Bourne Imperative 24.10.2012 2012 Exiting like each copy, with Mossad agent Rebeka
Robert Ludlum The Ostermann Weekend 30.11.2013 1972 Small in pages but hugely stuffed with surprises
Robert Ludlum The Janson Option 15.01.2015 2015 I affiliate to Chicago Sun-Times: Don’t ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day
Robert Ludlum The Geneva Strategy 28.02.2016 2015 Jon Smith chases brainwashing drugs down to it's developers before spreading.
Robert Ludlum The Patriot Attack 28.05.2016 2016 Jon Smith battles against very sophisticated weapons, very thrilling.

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Sam Bourne To Kill The President 02.09.2017 2017 The USA has elected a volatile demagogue as President, backed by his ruthless chief strategist Crawford McNamara. Not quite my style.
Sandra Brown hello, darkness 10.02.2004 2003 Most of them are exiting, adviceable. I'm not sure if all the dates are correct.
Sandra Brown The Alibi 22.09.2001 1999
Sandra Brown The Witness 22.08.2001 1995
Sandra Brown The Switch 22.11.2001 2000
Sandra Brown Standoff 01.01.2002 2000
Sandra Brown Fat Thuesday 09.09.2002 1997
Sandra Brown Where there's smoke 07.10.2002 1993
Sandra Brown Unspeakable 14.10.2002 1998
Sandra Brown Envy 29.11.2002 2001
Sandra Brown The Crush 10.05.2003 2002
Sandra Brown Tough Customer 13.12.2010 2010 After a long break, I got a copy because I found nothing more compelling on the shelf. Now I have to admit her writing is still appealing.
Sandra Brown Lethal 20.04.2012 2011 Very exiting, best edition so far. I wonder if next copy can live up to it?
Sandra Brown Low Pressure 19.01.2013 2012 Bellamy has written a book based on sisters murder
Sandra Brown Friction 26.02.2017 2016 After a break, I tried another book of hers. I was surprised how hot and gripping her writting can be.
Sandra Brown Seeing Red 10.09.2018 2018 After Major Franklin Trapper was assaulted, former Special Agent Trapper starts a hunt to track down the gunmen. Quite a page turner.
Sara Paretsky Critical Mass 17.04.2015 2013 Because book shop had no favourite on the shelf, I tried this new author. Unfortunately it’s not my taste, I permanently flipped pages.
Simon Beckett Written In Bone 02.12.2019 2007 Dr David Hunter, an anthropologist, is called to look at an incinerated body on an island of Hebrides. With a storm starts also the killings. So many unsuspected twists.
Stella Rimington Breaking Cover 02.12.2017 2017 MI5 and MI6 is being threatened by Russian spies when Liz Carlyle is posted to counter-espionage.
Stephen Leather First Response 01.04.2017 2016 Interesting motive to terrorise but too much repetitive actions strains suspense
Stephen Leather Takedown 11.06.2018 2017 Ex-MI5 Controller Charlotte Button is hired to take down a rogue Special Forces soldier with help of Lex Harper. Uncanny plotted.
Stephen Leather Tall Order 09.08.2019 2019 Terrorist codenamed Saladin plans and executes devastating attacks. Spider Shepherd ist determined to hunt him down. Excellent.
Sue Grafton Q is for Quarry 07.07.2003 2002

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Tess Gerritsen The Surgeon 2001 All the books I read are exiting, most are adviceable. Introduces police detective Jane Rizzoli.
Tess Gerritsen VANISH 14.10.2006 2005
Tess Gerritsen Keeping the Dead 12.08.2010 2008 Rizzoli/Isles series, also "The Keepsake".
Tess Gerritsen The Apprentice 03.03.2007 2002 Introduces medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles
Tess Gerritsen The Killing Place 15.01.2011 2010 Also "Ice Cold"
T.M. Logan Lies 11.03.2018 2017 In spite of no blood was spilled, I was tense all through the book, creepy.
Tom Bradby The Masters of Rain 02.02.2002 2002
Tom Clancy Dead Or Alive 21.01.2012 2010 Co-authored by Grant Blackwood, featuring Jack Ryan.
Tom Clancy Power And Empire 03.04.2019 2018 A stolen USB stick exposes a terrorist conspiracy between China and USA. Complicated and thrilling.
Tom Clancy Line Of Sight 31.08.2019 2018 Jack Ryan tangles with the Serbian Mafia and the Iron Syndicate while defusing the next world war. Half through starts action.
Tony Parson Die Last 02.08.2018 2017 In London's Chinatown a lorry with 12 dead women is found. DC Max Wolfe wants to find the one woman missing. Worth reading more.

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Valerie Palme Blowback 11.02.2020 2013 Covert CIA ops officer Vanessa Pierson is finally close to capture Bhoot, the nuclear arms dealer. Pierson goes rogue and put her career and cover at risk. A riveting cat and mouse game.
Vince Flynn American Assassin 18.11.2017 2017 Mitch Rapp, a gifted college athlete, is ready for retribution after an intense training. Very thrilling.

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Wilbur Smith A Falcon Flies 1995
Wilbur Smith Those In Peril 01.08.2012 2011 Immensely powerful, disturbing and compulsive, harsh yet compassionate
Wilbur Smith Predator 01.06.2017 2016 Cross, ex-SAS officer and private security expert does anything to avenge his wife. Thrilling.

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